Have a GREAT day on purpose!

“People can alter their lives by altering their attitudes.”  – Unknown

Have you ever had a bad day? Think back to your most recent bad day and ask yourself, could you have controlled it? Barring sudden or expected tragic events (i.e. lost of a loved one, sudden unemployment, sudden injury or disease or something similar) I’ve got news for you…YOU COULD CONTROL IT. “Chance Favors the Prepared mind” and conversely good things happen to those who expect it, work toward it, then recognize it. When you have a bad day its normally YOUR FAULT because YOU were negative, YOU overslept, YOU got stuck in traffic, YOU got a bad performance review, you did not finish your report in time, YOU spent too much money, YOU hate Mondays, YOU , YOU, YOU. YOU control your destiny so until you determine that you are going to work twice at hard at having a GREAT DAY ON PURPOSE as you work to talk about negativity or allow it to invade your space. Instead overcome it, become the person you want and deserve to be. But remember it starts from within; nobody else is responsible for YOU, but YOU…So go out today and be determined to HAVE A GREAT DAY ON PURPOSE!

 Be GREAT at what you do today!


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