I don’t have time…

“Lost time is never found again. ” – Benjamin Franklin

When you were a child have you ever swam too deep into an ocean, pool, or lake and realized you needed to get back to the shore or wall ASAP? What did you do, did you give up and drown or figure out a way to make it to your destination? I assume the latter of the two, well you need to treat your dreams the same way you need to have that same relentless desire to survive applied to reaching your dreams and go make them your REALITY!

How many people do you know say they can’ t do something because they DON’ T HAVE TIME?  This is a common excuse that people give regarding their inability to reach a desired goal. I don’t have time to write a business plan, I don’ t have time to go to classes , I don’t have time to network, I work too many hours to have time to do that, I’m too busy with my kids,etc, etc etc..Well I have news for you anything besides a solution is an EXCUSE so do you have EXCUSES OR SOLUTIONS?  If you have dreams you want to accomplish it has to be solutions. Solutions solve problems and excuses  cause them. There are  about 8760 hours in a year, of that most people only work 2080 hours so what are you doing with the remaining time? I gather you are doing unproductive tasks such as watching mindless tv (there is a different between productive shows and the opposite) playing video games, shopping, gossiping, COMPLAINING, did I mention COMPLAINING? or any other tasks that provides excuses for not reaching your dreams. Of course I realize you are also doing productive tasks such as taking care of your homes, kids, errands, sleeping, relaxing, vacationing, etc. But, I’m willing to bet that is a considerable amount of wasted time we all have but don’t realize it. In the upcoming week do the following, make a list or use a calendar that shows each hour of the day in each hour write down what you do for a week. On Sunday Analyze your results and identify your opportunities for improvement of your time management and create the time you need time you need to reach your dreams. Then GO do it, but schedule it so you have to adhere to it the same way you go to work, to work on yourself at a designated time each day. This is your time, and it must be used to get to the finish line. You can be great, you have the potential so unlock it and stop wasting time.

Be GREAT at what you do today!


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