Do You Really Want It? Or is it a Really Cool Dream?

“You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.” – Dale Carnegie

How bad do you want to be successful? I mean really how bad? Is it just bad enough that you talk about it to friends periodically but are normally nervous to broadcast it? Is it you’re first thought in the morning and last thought at night? Do you dream about it? Would you sacrifice temporary ease in life to get to the end result? Would you Sacrifice comfort to reach the dream? Would you turn away from conventional knowledge to reach the goal? A young college kid thought it was a great idea to write code for a operating system because he saw the potential of the growth of PC’s so he dropped out of college, got a loan and started Microsoft the rest is history…a young man in his college dorm decided it would be cool to sell computers as they would eventually be in most American homes so from his dorm room he decided to start Dell  Computers that man is Michael Dell…another young man in college wanted a easier way to communicate with other friends at different colleges and that man started Facebook…his name is Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is now valued at 50 Billion dollars…Mary Kay was started by a women who decided that after being passed over for a promotion she would start her own cosmetic company, , and a man took a handsome 10 million gift from his father and started the Trump Organization and that man is now a Billionaire…Another man started a staffing company in his parents garage and he is now the Billionaire owner of the Baltimore Ravens….and the most outrageous example is yet to be discovered. Great people, come up with great ideas all the time.  The point is not to dismay people from getting a formal education. There are countless wealthy and successful people who have degrees so college is a great tool to help you reach your goals. The point is you don’t have to wait to reach your dreams, you don’t have to follow the standard model of go to college, get a Masters Degree work hard and you can become successful. You can find a need, work hard to fill that need, and follow through with that dream until you get to your goal. You have the ability you just need to exercise that true desire to reach your goal…you have to want it more than air. You have to be willing to walk out the steepest cliff with no support and leap to reach your dream. Otherwise it will be just that a DREAM So think about what you want in life, and follow that dream until you don’t have to go to sleep in order to see it.

Be Great at What You Do Today!


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