Happy New Year!

“Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people. So overweight people are now average… which means, you have met your New Year’s resolution.” – Jay Leno

Welcome to 2011 if you are reading this you have already reached your first goal of the year, take a bow, and congrats. Now its time to get things started, as they say time waits for no man. If you have goals you hope to achieve it starts TODAY 1.1.11 This is your day to find YOUR success. But you cannot simply talk about it. You cannot simply think about it. You cannot simply hope for it. You must make a plan and follow it with relevant action. But 1st you must write your goals down. How else will you hold your self responsible if you are behind on your goals,or measure your success? No need for a fancy spreadsheet, or template. You can take a piece of notebook paper or a word processor and get started. Make sure you set your goals so they can be quantified. That means you can’t simply say I’m going to save more money, set a goal like $3,000 by 12/31/11. That way you can measure your progress, measure your success, and readjust if you are failing.

When you write your goals down, make sure you hang them somewhere viewable each day. Maybe on your closet door, maybe in the bathroom door, maybe in your bedroom but hang it up so you can be constantly reminded of your goals. Also remember your goals are a work in progress, so you can add and adjust throughout the year but only cross something off when you achieve it.

So make 2011 the best year of your life, don’t complain about every day occurrences, don’t complain about traffic, money, work, etc. Instead always take a positive perspective on everything that happens, you will be much happier and the people around will be too. Positive energy is contagious and its up to you to spread it, so make 2011 the best year of your life and find your SUCCESS. So what are you waiting for? Go write your goals and BE GREAT AT WHAT YOU DO TODAY!


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