What Makes You Great?

“Nothing Great in the World has ever been Accomplished without Passion” – Unknown

So what makes you Great?

Are you Great?

Do you want to be Great?

How do you define your own Greatness?

What would it take for you to become Great? Have you sat down and deep thought about it?

Is it wealth? Career Success? Big House? Expensive Cars? Big Family?

Whatever you define as GREATNESS one thing is for certain, you have to go get it!

Most people want to be GREAT but most stop right there, most are waiting for this GREAT life to knock at the door and say hello. Well I hate to deliver bad news but that is not how it works, if you are not the heir to a throne, or a future winner of the lottery you will have to earn your own GREATNESS. I want you to understand that you do not need a complete plan to execute your path to SUCCESS AND GREATNESS you need a definitive goal and you need to take steps toward it immediately. Do not procrastinate,Do not delay your success with excuses such as planning, not the right time, need more money, need more connections, etc. You know what you want to take steps toward it each day, but while working be patient, be persistent, be resilient, and be committed. If you do this you will certainly reach you goals and certainly find YOUR GREATNESS!

Be Great At What You Do Today


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