How Do You Measure Success?

“I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom. ” – General George S. Patton

What does success mean to you?
People often measure success by the possessions people may have…cars, jewelery,houses, clothes,money, etc. But is that truly a measure of success or an indicator of it? If two men walk into a room, and one is a male nurse he is wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and driving a Honda Accord and living in a 2 bedroom condo  would you consider him a success? Most people would look at him and not associate him immediately with success. While a person walks in the same room in a three-piece suit, with a nice gold watch, driving a Lexus, and living in a 3br home, most people would certainly consider the second man a success but who is the success in the scenario? The nurse or the second man? or both..The correct answer is both could be successful. It all depends on what they intended to do or become, but just the nurse could be the success and the 2nd man a failure. The 2nd man could have only the things you can visually touch to show for himself and he may have aspired to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company but instead he is a sales rep in debt up to his eyelids. The nurse could have always wanted to help people and felt that being a doctor did not have enough dynamic interaction with patients. He may have a healthy 401(k) and be perfectly ok with being a nurse for the rest of his life because it is what he always wanted to do…
So I say to you how do you measure success? I’ll give you a hint there is no way you will be able to measure your success unless you make goals. You have to set out and create goals and use them as a measurement of your success.Write these goals down and read them out loud to yourself daily until it is all you think and dream about. You can be whatever you set out to be, and follow-up with relevant action.

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