Happy Holidays!

“Success is not something that people achieve by chance or because luck was on their side. It involves hard work, effort and planning. You have to set a goal and then follow it up with relevant action.”  – Unknown

Happy Holidays

It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year? Of course it is right? This is the time of year people get to spend time with family and friends. This is the time of year we get to eat a lot, get gifts, get extra days off of work and reminisce about experiences during this time when we were younger. This is the time of year that traffic will be reduced, people will be in better moods, and positivity will fill the air. This is also the time of year that people often reflect on their lives, and think about what they can do to make it better. Often people spend time to figure out how they can become a better person, often via health and fitness, or friendships, or career choices. People are in great moods, and often dislike hearing bad news. People brag about all the wonderful things they may get for the holidays, all the wonderful people they may see and all that is great about their life. People also often reexamine their faith and decide to commit more time, and effort in becoming a better follower of their faith. And most IMPORTANTLY people are in the giving mood, they give time, money, items, and resources to help others. This truly is the most wonderful time of the year. But it only last for about TWO months. Then people are stressed out about bills, overwhelmed by their new health plans, still not happy with their job, life, and spouse and most importantly TRAFFIC is bad again. People become less giving and more selfish, people start feeding on negative energy again, and often are annoyed by people in good moods.


 Instead of being the type of person that hates everything, dreads Mondays, and is happy with being miserable and making others the same. Why not be an agent of change? Why not treat every day, every month, and every minute like we do during the holidays? We should be consistently giving of our time, money, and resources to others. By the way, I’m not talking about giving away hundreds, giving a dollar to someone on the street is helpful but your time, and knowledge are gifts you can give with no limits. When you do well for others, good things come back to you. In addition, why not see family more often? Why not eat together, talk and share things the way you do during the holidays? Why not be a naturally great mood the same as you are during the holidays? In order to be successful, one must be able to create a network of success. When you are positive and keep people around you sprits up while inspiring them to follow their dreams so you can feed off of each other it will prove to be mutually beneficial. Don’t let life get you down. Make everyday great, don’t look forward only to the holidays, or two days a week. If you want to change something, or become better start working on it now. Don’t wait until the beginning of the week, month, or year. Do it NOW! And if you fail, start over again from where you left off. Just never give up on pursuing your dreams and you will never be a LOSER.

 Success is built off of relevant steps toward your goal, it will not just happen. Everything you do , say , read, learn, remember or forget will affect how you reach your goals. SO LOOK IN THE MIRROR TODAY, AND SAY “I AM GOING TO (INSERT DREAM HERE)” , then sit down and write your first steps. Don’t worry if you cannot figure out all the needed steps, write down what you can and start working on them immediately. Share your dream, and inspire others to do the same. That way when the Holidays come again it will be “Icing on the Cake” the holiday’s season will be the higher of the highs you already embody, and share each and every day. You will find life more manageable, and issues and problems less relevant and less influential in your overall outcome in life.

 Be GREAT at what you do TODAY!


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