Master Failure

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.” unknown

Have you failed lately? If so, did you learn from it?

If you want to be a success you must master the art of failure. Most sales professionals know this already. Sales professionals call client after client hoping to get appointments, which lead to presentations, which lead to sales. But, a sales professional may call 100 people to only speak to 5 and actually get interest from one. That’s a 95% failure rate. How can someone fail so often yet be successfuL? Because, in order to be successful you must understand how to fail. You must use failure as a learning device. If you do not use it as such you will be a LOSER. There is a big difference between being a LOSER and a FAILURE. So go out and find failure embrace, love it, and search for it each and everyday. So are you a LOSER or FAILURE?


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