No, No, No, Noooooooooooooooooooo !

“If the word NO were removed from the English language less people would be successful” – Clinton Jiggetts

NO, is often a feared word. It strikes fear in everyone from toddlers to adults. Who wants to hear people tell them NO? We don’t want to hear NO from our boss, or NO from our spouse, or NO from a friend, or NO from a family member. Society has trained us that YES is the only way to be happy. What they don’t teach is how to deal with the word NO, NO is a very useful word. It serves a great purpose, its definitive, there is no black or white about it. NO means NO. What most people don’t realize is most successful people love the word NO. They love the word NO because it may do one or all of the following;

*Motivate Them

*Make the think more creatively

*Give they a barometer of their progress

*Better understand the people in their Network

*Better understand who they are


Intelligent people must love to hear the word NO, you can’t get to YES without NO. NO must be your friend this goes from the janitorial staff, to the sales reps, to office administration, executives, to CEO. It also includes, Bums, Junkies, Unemployed, Underemployed, Undereducated, Highly Educated, etc. Everyone needs the word NO to find success. How else will you know? How else will you get to the coveted YES? I challenge each of you to seek the word NO, the more NO’s you hear the closer you are to YES. Don’t let the words of others destroy your SELF esteem or confidence. Use it all as fuel it is always a tool for your advancement every NO, every negative statement, every sentence that begins with the words “You can’t…” These are the tools that the motivated, determined, and strong willed use to get to where they want, and need to be. So go out today and collect as many NO’s as you can. I promise the more you seek NO’s the less your will fear failure, who should also be your best friend, and the more you will find SUCCESS!

Be Great at What you Do Today!


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