Try, Try, Try ?

“To say you will Try, is to plan for failure”

How many times have you heard somebody say they really want to achieve a goal. They may look at someone who is where they believe they want to be and they say “I wish I were [insert name here}” When the fact is they too could reach that goal that they desire but they re their own worst enemy. Of course they don’t see it that way, they have justified reasons of what they may lack that has caused them to not reach their goals….such as;


*Bad Timing

*Not enough Breaks

*Not enough Help

*Too many people against them

*Too little chance

You see the point is its entirely too easy to give yourself reasons for your failure, then reason why you WILL succeed. Obviously as in most things some successful people are in the right place at the right time with the perfect odds, and support system. But the majority of largely successful people in life, work, and everything in-between are that way because they had a desire that was GREATER than their fear. The goal that they wanted to reach was far more powerful then that little voice in their heads that said you may not be able to do it.  So if you truly want to find success you must ignore the little voice in your head at all costs and eliminate 2 WORDS from your vocabulary.




These are dangerous words, words that can defeat the greatest mind, or the most creative of ideas. These words are limited and don’t allow you to reach your goals. Instead use positive words when referring to your goals like…






But don’t stop there, the step that most people who set goals are hesitant to do is to set a definite date of achievement. They rather not do that because they don’t want to be disappointed if they don’t reach their goal…think for a moment and read that statement again. They don’t want to set a definitive date to reach their goal because they don’t want to be disappointed IF they fail? That is going into the situation with a losers attitude already. Instead you must approach your goals with definitive dates of achievement, and if you don’t reach your goal, and I promise you will fail from time to time reexamine your plan, and set the goal again and again, and again until you reach it.

Be GREAT at what you do Today


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