Are You In Love?

“When you have nothing left but love, then for the first time you become aware that love is enough.”

Are you in Love? I’m not talking about being in love with your spouse. I’m talking about in love with your life. If you are not in love with your life, this blog is for you. First of all let me be the first to say, if you are waiting for your life to be  “perfect” to be in love with your life you have a better chance of walking on Pluto with no equipment, next Monday before work. The point is life will never be perfect, but that is no reason why you can’t be IN LOVE with your life. But in order to find happiness you may need to restructure your life. Find what makes you happy, and do it, not tomorrow, not next week…not when you save enough money. Start the ball rolling today…dont’ worry about the result, deal with the possible difficulties when they arrive.  GO GET YOUR DREAMS today….once you find what makes you happy, do it often and don’t let up. You must find your peace and happiness in order to Fall in Love with your life. Once you are in love with your life, share it with everyone….You must do this step. You can’t be happy and not share it, trust me it will make you love your life even more. And…you will help someone else fall in love or more in love with your life. So I ask Are You in Love with your life? If not then the second, not tomorrow, not next week and not later today go get your happiness and fall in love with your life now.

“Be GREAT at what you do today.”


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