People Love to Complain

” Never tell your problems to anyone…20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them.” – Lou Holtz

Have you ever noticed that you can almost always be certain that when you are complaining about something people will be far more engaged in listening, then if you are talking about something positive? Why is that? You can credit it to the fact that people love to see people fail, or not do well. It’s the reason why our local news is structured as it is, and the reason why reality tv is so popular. People get a great deal of joy seeing or hearing about others doing worse than them. The problem is this fascination with negativity is contagious and people normally become much more interested in sharing negative information then positive news. It’s a cyclical practice that is not easily overcome. But, it can be overcome.

The first step is not very easy, but needed. Distance or minimize your time around negative people. I’m not saying turn your back on friends and family. But, be careful to not place yourself in the company when they are on negative rants. You are the company you keep and if you are around people who complain all the time you most likely will complain too. Secondly, you must keep the company of positive people. Talk to people who are excited to share their goals, dreams, aspirations, etc. Just like negative people these people will be contagious and will make you want to speak about positive events more often. Lastly, you MUST NOT COMPLAIN…Its ok to occasionally identify frustrations but there is no need to share them with everyone unless it is in order to resolve the complaint. For example, obviously if you keep getting written up at work because your manager does not like that bright green t-shirt you love to wear to the office.You must complain to the proper parties that your write ups are without merit. But what is not needed is for your to share with your co-workers, and friends this particular complaint.

You must avoid complaints at all costs, and make the best of each moment.  It’s not easy to do, but CAN be done…you can do it. Just don’t complain, and GET IT DONE..

Be Great at What You Do Today…


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