“Winners never quit, and quitters never win” – Vince Lombardi

Who remembers being a child and dreaming about what you would be when you grew up? a fireman? a policeman? a doctor? a teacher? maybe even president of the United States. Somewhere along the line most people slowly began to rationalize their dreams way too much. They start to justify their reason they can not accomplish their dream in order to make it appear they are not quitters. But, unless their dream has been redirected because they no longer want that dream they are quitters. Dreams deferred are just that DREAMS.

As adults we sometimes need to reach deep and empower ourselves to reach our goals. But it begins within. If you are waiting for somebody to push you, to motivate you, or worse yet improve your SELF esteem. You are fighting a losing battle. Dare to dream, dare to take a step on faith. Whatever it is you want to be, whatever it is you want to accomplish it. Plan for it, Focus on it and achieve it. But, be careful, somebody dare to dream, but create their own roadblocks by waiting for the perfect plan, or perfect circumstances and quite frankly that scenario will never take place. Life always happens, you may have a child, lose a job, have too much debt, have a divorce, all these factors present road blocks and will delay your dream if you do no realize you are EMPOWERED. So dare to dream, go out and start focusing on your dream, don’t wait…time favors no man.

Be great at what you do today, and everyday.


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