April Fools Day

“Don’t wait the time will never be just right.” – Napoleon Hill

What does that quote really mean? If you want it go get it, don’t keep anticipating the perfect scenario it WON’T HAPPEN.

So its been about a week since I last wrote, not for lack of information to write. I’ve been very busy writing, and reading while developing my future. But, I felt like April Fools day would be the perfect time to sit down and share my thoughts on why you should not wait. People wait for holidays to make people they love feel special, school days to do homework, vacations to relax, tragic events to say ‘I love you’ But what if we treated everyday like it’s a holiday. What if the people who are important to us know it each and every day? Now what if we pursued our goals like everyday was a holiday. Not waiting for the perfect scenario but instead waiting for nothing.We must get our goals accomplished today. Treat your goals like April Fools Day, take nothing for granted and be careful in whatever you do. (We all know that we are more prone to pranks on April Fools day, so most people are normally very aleart and attentive) Use that same attitude and go out in get your DREAMS today, no better time then the present. HAVE A FEW LAUGHS WHILE YOUR AT IT, REMEMBER ITS APRIL FOOLS DAY.



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