Live For Today, Die for tomorrow!

“I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. I will not be outworked. You may be more talented than me. You might be smarter than me. And you may be better looking than me. But if we get on a treadmill together you are going to get off first or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple. I’m not going to be outworked.” – Will Smith

First of all this quote is not implying that you should go kill yourself. PLEASE, I repeat PLEASE DO NOT KILL YOURSELF. The purpose of this blog is to tell you if you are not willing to die for your passion, or your dream then throw in the towel now. The quote above is a great example of what it takes to succeed. You must be willing to out work your competition and trust me you have competition. Your competition is not simply the other people chasing your dream. They are also the people trying to stop you from achieving your dream. So if you really want it, you must be willing to die for it. You must be willing to share every bead of sweat, every piece of energy and every morsel of your being to get to that finish line.

Go look into the mirror and ask yourself, am I willing to die for this? How bad do I really want it? When I wake up in the morning is it the last thing I think about (after family of course) and the last thing I think of before I go to bed (after family of course). If it does not meet the aforementioned criteria then it is not for you. ITS THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH HURTS, BUT ITS THE TRUTH.  If you don’t have a incurable burning desire to reach your goal then this dream is not for you.

Find what you are willing to die for, and fight for it until you reach that goal. But remember you must be willing to sacrifice everything to reach your goal.

To Your Success…


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