Do me a favor and QUIT now!

“A man is not finished when he loses, he is finished when he quits”- Richard Nixon

Yes I said it, QUIT!

Why try to accomplish goals? It’s much easier to just exist and move through life without a need to reach goals.

You see, though everyone has the potential to accomplish GREAT things, it makes my challenge that much easier when you QUIT.

So QUIT, and help someone else get closer to their goals quicker. If you don’ t get the point of this blog thus far allow me to elaborate.  People, quit all the time but its a gift and a curse a gift to the person who was also competing to accomplish the same or similar goal and a curse to the person who quit because they have to watch their dream become somebody else’s reality. So go ahead and QUIT,  it won’t change my pursuit of making it to the finish line.


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