Believe in Yourself…

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Today’s Blog is very Simple. You must believe in yourself unequivocably or else you will fail.

I know it seems simple, but we are our biggest road block sometimes when trying to achieve a goal. We have failed one too many times and we try to be preemptive and avoid another failure. So we create EXCUSES, yup there goes that word again. We create reasons why we can not succeed at a goal, and become our own personal road block. Worse yet this type of failure is typically much easier to deal with because we lie to ourselves as if we did all we could and that particular goal or dream was simply unreachable.


You failed, and forgot the most important step getting back up. And you did not try to get up because you already mentally checked out. Have you ever noticed when things are going well, you have confidence and when you have confidence more things go well. Sometimes completely unexpected things go well?That is no coincidence, the confidence you have in yourself because of all the positive events taking place in your life allow more positive events to take place.

The bottom line is you must believe in yourself, and never falter on your dream.


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