Opportunity Follows Struggle…right?

“Opportunity follows struggle. It follows effort. It follows hard work. It doesn’t come before. ” –  Shelby Steele

We have all probably heard a quote similar to the one above at some point in life. But, its true too often now a days we have a nature sense of entitlement.We believe that we should be able to reach plateaus, accomplish goals, or reach a target with little to know work. But we fail to understand the great majority of successful people did so through countless trials and errors.We can not truly progress and reach our goals without first accepting the fact we may initially fail. “FAILURE IS CERTAIN…SUCCESS HOWEVER IS NOT” – Clinton Jiggetts

So what does it take to find success? It take a great desire to succeed, then your fear of failing. It’s that simple. It’s not complex it’s not elaborate.You have to want to reach your goal, far more than you fear failure. Now the following steps will help you stay on track while reaching for your goals…but if you ever let fear become the more overwhelming than your desire to reach your goal the steps below will be useless. The steps are as follows;


It might sound simple, but it is the fundamental rule you must always follow ‘Never Give Up’ You may not have the support you deem nessecarry to accomplish your goals. It can be your mom, dad, spouse, sibling, cousin, aunt, grandmother, friends, colleagues, etc. It’s not that these people do not love and/or care about you.  Some people simply do not have the ability to think outside of their comfort zone. They don’t dream, and therefore can’t dream with you. Just stay focused on your goal and you will be closer to your SUCCESS!


Don’t be afraid to adjust your goal. What does that mean?  It means while being focused on your goal you must also be a realist…For example I have stated you can accomplish any goal you set so long as you stay focused and don’t QUIT. But, of course there is an exception to that rule. For example if your goal is to be the first man to walk on the sun with no shoes, that is probably never going to be possible. At least not to do and live to talk about it. But, maybe adjust that goal to say I’m going to create something that will allow me to get closer to the sun then any man as before me. Now you did not give up on your goal you simply adjusted it to make it logical. I MUST MAKE IT CLEAR, DO NOT ADJUST YOUR GOAL SIMPLY TO MAKE IT EASIER TO REACH. ONLY ADJUST YOUR GOAL WITH THE PURPOSE OF LOGIC.


What good is a goal if you do not know when you are close, have not reached it, are further away then when you previously began or are very close? You must be able to get through the struggle, but be able to document your steps along the way. Set a time schedule, create a way for your to measure your progressive success, and failures. The best way to do this is to formulate a log or journal. This can serve as a tool to help you understand your progression and enable you to be proactive rather than reactive when adjustments need to be made. If you are off target on your timetable for example you will know it is now time to pick up the pace or to work harder and/or smarter.


This is one of the most important rules but it is often omitted. Lots of people want something badly but are they willing to sacrifice other things that are important to them in order to reach there desired goal on schedule? The most successful people gave up something important to them until they reached their goal.For example if you like to fish every Saturday, perhaps knock it down to 1 – 2 times per month in order to set aside additional time to reach your goals. If you normally watch TV for 3 hours each night, maybe knock it down to 1 hour so you can focus more time on reaching your goal. Whatever your vise or hobby may be you must be willing to sacrifice or maybe even give it up during the time period that you are building your dream.


You must be willing to reward yourself progressively as you approach your goal and certainly once you reach it. If you have been working very hard and are ahead of schedule, maybe take a couple of hours off your dream and spend it with the people who mean the most to you.Perhaps you will reward your progress with a dinner at your favorite restaurant or buying your favorite new gadget. Whatever, it may be you must reward yourself 1st, and last.

Follow the steps above, and realize that the struggle and failures associated with achieving your goal are merely formalities and you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

” To Your Success,be GREAT at what you do today,and the day that follows.” – Clinton Jiggetts


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