Positve Thoughts…

You can be whatever you would like to be…Do you believe that?

It’s imperative that you believe in yourself before you attempt to reach any goal. Why? The human mind is far more sophisticated then we may believe.  The moment we stop trying, and stop believing in ourselves our mind shuts down, you might as well throw in the towel immediately. Because your mind is no longer attempting to rationalize ways to help you reach you goal.

But, when you are determined and refuse to accept failure you are that much closer to reaching your goal. But, don’t be mistaken it does not stop there. Often people get that portion of formula and stop there. Just because you refuse to accept failure does not mean you can’t fail. Because you now you must take about the sometimes difficult task of figuring out what it will take to accomplish your goal, more than likely if it’s a big goal it will consume a great deal of time, sweat, tears, trials, and tribulations before you even get close.

This is often where the people who make it to this step quit. They want it, but they did not want it quite bad enough.They will more thank likely begin to create a list of negative thoughts…often begining their excuses with ” I can’t because…” The people who can truly achieve their goals get past this stage and make it to the level of absolute refusal to fail…they do not even allow negative thoughts or ideas to enter their realm. Everything is possible and everything is positive, they don’t complain about miniscule things that people deal with in everyday life, they project positivity, commitment,dedication and a refusal to stay down….

These are the people who accomplish their goals, so you see if you believe and refuse to have anything but positive thoughts you too can accomplish your goals….GO GET ‘EM


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