The 10 Jiggetts Steps to Success

You Can Create Success
We all have our own rules we follow that we either feel, or know lead to success.

In order to help our members succeed I would like to have people share their 10 keys to success in sales…Feel free to elaborate.

The Jiggetts Steps to Success – Copyright All Rights Reserved 2008

1. Study…It sounds simple but most professionals forget this major piece of the puzzle. Professional athletes do it with game film, why not us. It is a great idea to read on sales book per month as a starter. In addition, I hold regular dialogs with my colleagues to discuss strategy. Smarter Sales Pro

2. Practice…Again a often omitted attribute of success. Annoy your spouse or significant other. Annoy your manager, friends and colleagues and practice your sales pitch. Have them throw tough questions to help you truly practice.

3. Grade Yourself…After you finish a sales cycle be it a gained or lost sale review your notes, review your conversations and figure out your strong and weak points (trust me you will always have both). Now arm yourself with new information and use it to get your next sale.

4. Believe in your product…Nothing is more memorable to a prospect then a salesman who is excited about what they have. We have heard it all before smile on the phone and you will be more successful. Trust me this stuff works so use it.

5. Believe in yourself…A confident salesman goes into a sales cycle with the attitude of not if, but when will they buy from me. Have that same confidence but be careful not to be too arrogant. That will scare your prospect away and directly into your competitors arms.

6. Know your competition…It makes perfect sense but it is often a skipped variable in the sale. Know your chief competitors products as well if not better than you know yours. But, be careful do not start a cat fight. Do not throw dirt on your competitors name. Always talk them up, in person to person comparisons but provide the EVIDENCE of why our product is better. Again the EVIDENCE, do not simply say mine is better.

7.Have a Blast…We all enjoy having fun and smiling so why not do it at work. Be it your business, or your working for someone. What ever makes you happy within company policies of course do it. But, make sure your having fun when your in a good mood your prospect is more likely to be in a good mood and more likely to BUY.

8. Keep Having a Blast…Enjoy yourself after work be it with your spouse, significant other, kids, parents, friends, colleagues or alone have fun. Enjoy yourself and relax. Do not over think your role at work, instead over think how much fun you are going to have this weekend. Remember Stress is BAD.

9. Quantify your efforts…So you made 90 phone calls, spoke to 10 potential clients, and sold two new widgets today. What does it all add up to? Is this a good day or a bad day? How do you measure a success day at work? You have to be able to answer these questions. The last thing you want to do is continue to do things that do not yield your choice results.


10. Set your benchmarks….So you made 90 calls, spoke to 10 prospects and sold 2 widgets today. What does that really mean to you? If your goal is to make 200K this year is that enough? You have to know your benchmarks in order to truly know. For example in one of my past employers I had to make 180 calls per week, and make at least 4 proposals per week to yield 7 sales per month which based on the average sale, would make me 150K per year. Which was my goal at that time.

Special Bonus: Perhaps the most important step Share…Some call it the Golden Rule, Some Call it the Law of Nature. But, whatever you call it you must give to receive rather you give time, money, knowledge, a hand, or a listening ear we all must give a more. And when you give you will see the fruits of your labor. So give advice to your colleague whom may be struggling, give a ear to a friend dealing with a personal issue and make time and/or give money to your community and organizations that mean something special to you. I promise the ability to give is a very gratifying action and it yields great results.


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